Consulting quote imageOffice technology infrastructure is fundamental to success especially when your mission depends on dependable, efficient communications with donors, colleagues, customers, and constituents. Obsolete and slow computers, networks and phones can adversely affect morale and staff.

After nearly 25 years of working with nonprofits and small businesses to upgrade, expand and move offices, Alternative Technologies has developed a special expertise in the area of office technology planning. Office managers, executive directors and business owners can come to us to discuss network and technology transitions, including considerations in moving to Mac/PC Networks, mixing Windows operating systems, Linux, open source software and cloud-based infrastructure.

Your scenario is our starting point

Consultations with Alternative Technologies focus on how your organization runs. We’ll discuss workforce distribution, “connectedness” and bandwidth needs, software utilization, data security, and of course your budget.

Consulting network diagram imageResult = A Series of Action Steps

When our exploration of issues is complete, depending on your scenario, our plan of action may include many of the following:

  • Examining capacity and utilization of local area network
  • Auditing telecom and data carrier services, rates and billing
  • Analyzing costs and benefits for cloud-based services
  • Identifying outsourcing opportunities
  • Writing hardware RFPs (Request for Proposal)
  • Recommending technology upgrades
  • Reviewing physical and cyber security issues
  • Inspecting cabling
  • De-mystifying other technology bids
  • Budgeting guidelines and strategies for non-technical leaders

At Alternative Technologies we understand that organizations have missions that supersede considerations of office technology. Our goal is to help your organization achieve its mission, with the most practical technology possible.

Contact us. Our first consultation is always free of charge. 510-848-4411.