We offer a variety of cloud services for nonprofit and small business clients.

Office computer networks are amazingly powerful in two ways: 1) They allow a committed group of people with a common mission the potential to change the world. 2) They can cause immense frustration and headaches for those same committed people. Computer networks are more fragile than one might expect. They cannot run on autopilot. IT infrastructure requires design, administration and maintenance. Onsite servers and workstations require updating of software, monitoring for hardware failure, protection against security intrusions, planning for obsolescence, and preparation for disaster recovery.

Placing your organization’s computer infrastructure “in the cloud” simplifies that challenge. We can help organizations eliminate costly computer hardware by using:

  • Outlook Email in the Cloud – with Office 365 or Google Apps for Nonprofits
  • Cloud Phones – VoIP service using your existing phone system or an entire phone system in the cloud
  • Cloud Backup – worry-free backups with Alternative Safety Net
  • Cloud Desktops – full desktop functionality and file access for every user across the organization
  • Cloud Servers – fully maintained and monitored in Alternative’s secure data center

To learn more options for reducing your IT burden, read about cloud technologies below or fill in the form to the right.

Outlook Email in the Cloud

Keep the best of Outlook functionality, but offload the burden of your Microsoft Exchange Server. Most organizations we work with started using Outlook for email long before cloud services were an option. And while Microsoft Exchange Servers can be efficiently managed by our technical team, for many nonprofits and businesses alike it makes sense to have email service hosted in the cloud. By hosting in the cloud, you can take advantage of superior spam filtering, antivirus and backups.

For some organizations, a comprehensive migration to Office 365 or Google Apps for Nonprofits may make sense. For other groups, adoption of Alternative’s Cloud Desktop Service may be a better fit. Starting with your scenario, you can trust us to help you make the right decision for your nonprofit or small business.

Cloud Phones

There’s been a revolution in telephony (and we all won). Thanks to technical innovations we can put audio signals through the internet and connect up flawlessly with traditional telephone networks.

It’s easier than ever for a nonprofit or small business to get fantastic phone service at very little upfront cost and flat rate monthly billing. Our cloud communication service comes with advanced productivity features including options to forward calls to cell phones, get voicemails as emails, set up informational auto-attendants and more. Or, you can keep your premise-based phone system and use our cloud phone service to replace your high monthly carrier bills. And did we mention unlimited calling to the US and Canada? See more about Alternative Technologies Cloud Phone Service here.

Cloud Backup

As any professional IT manager knows, you have a responsibility to your clients, customers, and fellow staffmembers to maintain a secure and reliable backup of your organization’s critical data. Resiliency and disaster recovery are an essential part of every well-run organization, ensuring that the good work you do continues.  And if you are like most organizations, your computers, network and data are critical to fulfilling your daily mission.

Your scenario is our starting point. We’ll work with you and your team to review priorities and determine your back up options, including our cloud backup service that can run at off hours and send automatic confirmations to let you know that it is successful. Learn more about Alternative Safety Net by filling in the form to the right.

Cloud Desktops

Take the IT stress out of your office and uncertainty out of your IT budget with cloud desktops.  Your staff has a wide variety of skills and needs. Maintaining and monitoring each computer is an unpredictable, complex, and labor intensive undertaking, especially with constant staff turnover and ongoing requirements for software patches and updates.

That’s where Alternative comes in. With cloud desktops from Alternative, your staff will get access to the programs and the files they need (and only the ones they need) from the machine they log in to. Our technicians take the lead on maintenance, always with an emphasis on prevention. That means your staff can spend more time on its fundamental mission.

With Alternative’s cloud desktops, access is managed, machines are monitored around the clock, and helpdesk support is provided for all staff. And there’s more – with our cloud desktop infrastructure solution, we’ll take care of hardware too. Your organization will never need to budget for new workstations again. If one of your workstations fails, we’ll replace it at no cost. Learn more about Alternative’s Cloud Desktops by filling in the form (upper right).

Cloud Servers

Servers are complicated, delicate, expensive, and demand constant attention. Because of this, more and more nonprofits see servers bringing more stress than they can bear, and taking more time than they have to offer.

That’s where Alternative comes in. We eat servers for breakfast. The critical updates that your staff may delay because they see them as daunting, annoying or trivial, are routine for our experienced technical team. What might be a diagnostic headache for your staff may well be old hat for an Alternative tech.

We specialize in helping organizations get their servers moved to the cloud so that maintenance (especially preventative maintenance) can be easily accomplished around the clock and/or at a moment’s notice by our team of online techs.

You’ll never need to upgrade a server again – and dual backups will be securely maintained in two off-site locations. The challenges of budgeting for hardware and software are greatly simplified with our flat pricing structure. And the cost of staffing for IT services in-house is completely eliminated.

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