Voice and data cabling and wireless technology are the backbone of any network. Whether you need to wire a new building, replace cable during a renovation or simply add a few cables in your existing office space, we can handle it beautifully for you.

Every cabler knows that aesthetics is a part of the job. You can’t just chisel a hole in the 100-year-old marble in the Flood Building in downtown San Francisco. And you can’t leave a spaghetti bowl in the data closet. Neatness counts.

Our Wiring is “Certifiable”

Your organization has a lot of mission-critical data moving through your wiring. The integrity of cabling is no small matter. That’s why we use state-of-the-art cable-testing instruments to verify impedance, attenuation, resistance, and signal to noise. When we’re done, you can get a printout from a third-party testing service professionally certifying the work we’ve performed. Your sys admin or IT manager needs to know s/he can trust the connection. With us, they can.

Our technicians can upgrade your server room with exactly what you need to keep your organization or business running smoothly including racks, patch panels, hubs, switches, routers, keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) devices and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

It’s Not All Wire

Alternative Technologies can also design and implement your wireless networks. We’ll help you choose the right equipment and locate it for maximum coverage. More importantly, with our IT expertise, we’ll ensure the safety and security of both your cabled and wireless networks.

As more workers bring laptops and smart phones to the office, more offices are sharing WiFi connections freely. This can make networks and data vulnerable. Our solutions will provide your organization or business with the convenience you want as well as the critical security you need.

At Alternative Technologies, cabling is viewed as a professional service. Our cabling crew has many years of experience at our company. Call us for references on our work around the Bay Area.

To learn more about the cabling crew that wired Wired, send us an email or give us a call at 510-848-4411.


Yes, cabling is an Art image

We wired Wired imageIt’s true.

Back a few years ago when Wired magazine was expanding South of Market in San Francisco, we won their cabling contract.

Of course, every job is important to us. We do schools, restaurants, health clinics, legal reform and law offices, as well as adoption agencies, and environmental conservation groups — just about any place where good people are doing important work. Still, this job was special.

Pink Cabling imageGuess what color the cable was?!