Summary of Proposed Decision

The Proposed Decision on the CTF has serious implications for community-based organizations, but the comprehensive review does not focus only on eligibility questions.  Here is a brief list of proposed changes in the proposal (except those on CBO eligibility which will be in our next post):

  • Revision of goals to emphasize Californians not organizations
  • Change to emphasize “direct service” to make it clear that the CTF subsidy is targeted at in-person, hands-on access to the internet, not “administration” or “operations” costs for organizations
  • New sole focus on high-speed Internet connectivity, and elimination of voice and VoIP services
  • Emphasis on need in communities with lower rates of Internet adoption
  • Requirement to re-certify every 3 years (down from every 5 years; reporting TBD)
  • Added automatic eligibility for stand-alone Head Start facilities recognized by the State of California
  • Added public and non-profit private pre-kindergarten (private schools still eligible!)
  • Added public and nonprofit “Critical Access Hospitals”
  • Removed cap on benefit to community colleges
  • California Telehealth Network facilities (CTNs) will have to individually qualify under CBO criteria
  • Dark fiber leasing to be allowed
  • Carriers will need to post services, pricing and CTF eligibility on their websites.


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