The sophistication and affordability of technology is a defining hallmark of our time. Small groups with modest budgets are part of complex networks with the power to change the world.

Keeping technology running smoothly is challenging. Rarely do great organizations have the necessary resources in-house. Budget is not the only problem. It’s hard to find the time to interview candidates, or even know what questions to ask. Even if you do manage to hire someone, you are never sure if he or she is suggesting the best solution, and you still need to pay consultants for major projects, vacation periods and other unexpected crises.

That’s why more and more nonprofits and small businesses are choosing to outsource their IT support, computer and networking needs.

IT Services & Support Today

Alternative Technologies can provide your organization with a desktop computer, hardware and software help desk. Others in our industry sometimes refer to customers as “end points” or “workstations”. We think of them as people. The service we offer is our people helping your people.

All too often senior managers get saddled with technology and network problems when their focus would be better spent on your organization’s mission. Our support team aims to solve that problem. We can provide your team with on-demand, on-call support for the following:

  • Email configuration issues
  • Firewall, virus and malware incidents
  • Software installation and updates
  • Hardware upgrades, including desktops, laptops and hard drives
  • Proactive server management and network administration
  • Backups and file restoration
  • Video conferencing setup
  • Cloud integration and optimization processes

Server, Network and Cloud IT Services

With a staff of 15 experienced IT support technicians, Alternative Technologies’ IT Services department has the expertise to design, support and maintain a network for your organization. Our response time is fast. Customers who choose to be covered by Comprehensive Support and Cloud Service Agreements get guaranteed response times.

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We integrate Mac and PC networks to share data and network services, and integrate telephony, video conferencing, video security, and network printers. Whether you have a local or wide-area network, two computers or 200, you can trust your nonprofit or small business computer network to us.

We appreciate that every organization is different. Your unique scenario is our starting point. We’ll work with you to establish special arrangements for remote workers, limited access for volunteers, and even visitor network access in your reception areas — so you’re never giving out a password to non-staff.

Comprehensive Support: Fixed Rate IT Agreements

Servers require tending. To minimize downtime, we take a proactive and preventative approach to network administration with our fixed-rate support agreements.

Under the Comprehensive Support Agreement, we serve as the IT department of your organization and take primary responsibility for the health of your server and network. Our technicians visit your site on a regularly-scheduled basis, and we monitor remotely for:

  • Low disk space
  • High CPU utilization
  • Backup routine completion
  • System event logs
  • Anti-virus management & security scans
  • Exchange server updates
  • SQL server check
  • Unauthorized access attempts
  • Additional system diagnostics and performance trends

With this approach, our technicians are alerted to potential problems before they occur. Action can be taken on a schedule that will not disrupt your workplace. Routine maintenance and critical upgrades are implemented calmly — not in crisis mode. Best of all, your systems will function at peak performance, and data will remain secure and accessible.

For help with a computer, a network or to learn more about Comprehensive Support fixed-rate IT services, send us an email or give us a call at 510-848-4411. An on-site consultation is always free of charge.

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Outsourcing: Why go with Alternative? image

Your team has a mission, a goal, a clientele and a population to serve. Demands are many, needs are great, and there is never time enough—certainly not for IT hassles!

Our team is focused on “uptime.” Computer hassles are what we do. You can put us on your team, and we’ll make sure your office technology runs smoothly. IT is our job. Outsourcing IT makes sense for nonprofits.

Our System is Our Advantage

There are four strong reasons to choose Alternative Technologies for your outsourced network admin and IT support.

  1. When you hire us, you have 15 highly trained technicians to serve you.
  2. We maintain an internal knowledge base — we can fix problems quickly.
  3. We keep track. Your specific hardware configuration, any problem you had, who worked on it, how it was resolved and how long it took. You may not know your license key or manufacturer warranty period — but we will.
  4. We care. We are committed to nonprofits and we hire technicians with values to match.

Our team size, skills and values combined with methodical use of our support database allows us to provide truly stellar service for our customers.

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