Decision Modifying the Decision

The staff at the California Public Utilities Commission released a document a few days ago that clarifies several points on their July 2015 Decision. Specifically, the new document articulates how the CTF will stay at 25% for voice service even as E-rate support gets phased down to 0%.

Additionally, the decision states that community-based organizations in “underserved” areas are allowed an exemption from the cut in support (i.e. can continue to  receive 50% discount for voice service) when voice is the only carrier service they receive, and there are no better options. (More details, including definitions of “underserved” and an outline of an appeals process in the document, link below.)

These modifications are not official until voted on by the full Commission, which would happen April 8th, at the earliest.

As always, please note that our summary analysis is cursory, addressing topics relevant to a majority of nonprofits. For a complete understanding of rules that relate to other qualifying entity types (such as schools, libraries, community colleges, etc.), we always recommend consulting the original documents, which we have reposted here for your convenience.