Insights from other parties to the proceedings

Comments from the official parties to the proceeding are starting to circulate. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an official party to comment to Commissioners).

The Executive Director of the California Emerging Technologies Fund, an expert in the area of advancing nonprofits in the Internet area, made great points (from direct knowledge and experience) to counter the 50% proposal, the $5 million revenue limit,  board composition proposal and more.   Here is an excerpt from their submission (emphasis ours):

“… the Commission is going in the wrong direction by requiring organizations seeking the CTF discount to engage in the eligible work in 50% of their programs. There are fewer than 5 funders in California supporting community technology programs, that explicitly mention closing the Digital Divide. Therefore the Commission is likely to cut from the CTF most of the programs doing this work…”

Hopefully, staff and the board will listen. Be sure to contact the PUC directly with your comments.