Alternative Technologies embraces practices that protect our environment. From providing more technical support remotely instead of driving a vehicle to your location, to helping our customers responsibly recycle electronic waste, we have made dozens of changes over the years to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Purchasing fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles for our fleet
  • E-Waste recycling when we make a service call to your office
  • Going paperless in our office, a virtual service ticketing system, and emailing customer invoices
  • Refurbishing and repurposing equipment
  • Increasing our number of telecommuting employees
  • Encouraging bicycling and public transit
  • Choosing Energy Star equipment
  • When we have to print, using 30% post-consumer recycled content paper and always printing double-sided
  • Recycling everything in our Berkeley main office

E-waste recyclers

East Bay
E-Waste Collective
620 Page Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
(415) 883-1428

Marin & Sonoma
E-Waste Collective
42 Digital Drive, Suite 3
Novato, CA 94949
(415) 883-1428

SF & Peninsula
E-Waste SF
2915 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 483-6868

E-Wast & Earth Day picture

The Problem with E-WasteEwaste electronics picture

Obsolete electronics pose a huge problem. The EPA has estimated that over 2.3 million tons of electronic devices — with potentially harmful mercury, lead, zinc and cadmium — are thrown away each year. But throwing ‘away’ isn’t a solution for our small planet. Electronics in landfills pose threats to groundwater. Incineration can pollute the air. That’s why cities around the Bay Area mandate recycling of electronics.

Cart of Ewaste electronics pictureWhat We Do with E-Waste

Alternative Technologies has a partner relationship with a local nonprofit that focuses on electronic device repair, reuse and recycling. When our technicians visit a client’s site, we’ll offer to remove e-waste during our service call. A certificate of destruction from the vendor can be provided for a small fee if proper arrangements are made.

Our Annual E-Waste Recycling Event

For many years we organized an e-waste recycling drive. Our trucks delivered tons of materials to Reliatech and its job training center in Richmond. Potentially reusable items were tested; repairable items are fixed and offered back to the nonprofit or low-income community at reduced prices. Staff also disassemble items to salvage resellable parts. Finally, those items without reuse potential are shipped to facilities for recycling into material for a new manufacturing purpose. We also work with reputable drop off centers and arrange to have a portion of proceeds to benefit local nonprofits.

Due to changes in the recycling market, our annual pickup drive is no longer practical. Still, we are very happy to assist our customers. Our tech team pictureWhen our techs are on your premises, feel free to ask: “Do you have any room in your truck for a few old computers we have lying around?” We’re happy to take your e-waste items and see that they are handled properly.